Jim Zhai, MD, FCAP

For CAP Board of Governor

Officially Endorsed by:

CAP Nomination Committee
California Society of Pathologists
Florida Society of Pathologists
Chinese American Pathologists Association

Your concerns are mine

Support me, support yourself

Why Vote for Jim

I love CAP! I am passionate about CAP missions! CAP is the best platform to advocate for our profession, help develop our colleague’s careers, and ultimately provide the best care for patients.

I benefited a great deal personally and professionally by volunteering on numerous CAP committees. I understand the challenges that pathologists from different settings are facing in this dynamic political and economic climates. I am innovative and collaborative in leadership.

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Major Issues Facing CAP

Several issues I want to address:

  1. Continuous reimbursement cuts will remain a major issue for our fellow pathologists. The Clinical Lab Fee Schedule (PAMA) is in effect now and will continue to have an increased impact.
  2. Many states do not have an organized voice to represent them at the state legislature level, as they lack a pathologists’ society to represent them.
  3. Our fellow pathologists need help at all stages, from training/early practice to late career. There is the constant need to stay updated, particularly with regards to the integration of constantly changing molecular tests into our practice.
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CAP 2019 President-Elect and BOG Candidates Forum

CAP President-Elect and BOG candidates take live questions from meeting participants and Facebook at the HOD/RF Spring 19 meeting.

Jim’s discussions start at 44 minutes.

Jim Zhai - A lifetime dedication to Pathology

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