Why Vote for Jim

I love CAP! I am passionate about CAP missions! CAP is the best platform to advocate for our profession, help develop our colleague’s careers, and ultimately, provide the best care for patients.

I benefited a great deal personally and professionally by volunteering onnumerous CAP committees. I understandthe challenges that pathologists from different settings are facing in this dynamic political and economic climates. I am innovative and collaborative in leadership.

I have strong record in making positive and significant impacts on pathology organizations in the areas of education, membership, and advocacy.

My enriched personal and professional experience and backgrounds make understand the professional needs of practicing pathologist at different settings. I am an internationally recognized surgical pathologists, effective educator, and pioneering investigator. My professional experience within academia, private practice, and large group practice allow me develop a well-balanced view on issues and form a consensus-based leading style. My business concept and success will make me understand the operations of the company aspect of CAP.

I genuinely care, I have stake, and I am determined to make our profession strong by contributing to The Pathologists Organization - CAP.